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Fun and Patriotic Memorial Day Crafts for Toddlers and Kids

Memorial Day is upon us again, which means it’s time to enjoy a long weekend with family and friends and honor the brave men and women who lost their lives while serving in the U.S. military. This holiday is a great time to remind and teach our kids to appreciate their freedom and be grateful for those who serve our country.

Whether you’re spending the weekend in your own backyard with family or traveling to visit friends, it’s all about making traditions and memories.

Easy DIY Memorial Day Craft Ideas for Kids

In celebration of this holiday, here are some great craft ideas that will keep your kids busy and allow you to relax.

  • Fireworks Paintings. Let your kids join in the festivities by creating some fireworks of their own. All you need for this fun project is a few paper towel or toilet paper tubes, scissors, a paper plate, paint and a piece of cardboard.The Happiness is Homemade website will outline the rest.

  • Egg Carton Flags. Add a little patriotism to the day with some paint and an old egg carton. Get your kids to create their own American flags using these simple instructions fromCrafty Morning.
  • Cookout Collage. If you’ll be having a cookout over Memorial Day weekend, get your little ones to create their own collage to remember the event by. All you need is a piece of cardboard, crayons and pencils, glue and a few odds and ends such as tissue paper and some wooden ice cream sticks for them to bring their creation to life.

  • Star Spangled Slime. If there’s one thing that kids love to do, it’s make a mess, which is why this Memorial Day craft project is so perfect. And all youneed is glue, starch and star confetti.I Can Teach My Child has the instructions.

  • Patriotic Jar Candle.Have some old jars lying around at home? You can use them for some arts and crafts over Memorial Day weekend. Along with the jars, you will need some star confetti, white glue, and a paintbrush. You will find the instructions for this DIY project on theFantastic Fun and Learning website.

  • Popsicle Stick Star Streamers. If you need some decor for your upcoming cookout, get your kids to help you out. With some craft sticks, tissue paper and glue, you’ll be able to keep your kids busy for a good few hours. You will find the instructions on theHappiness is Homemade site.

If you’re worried that you’re going to have problems with your child’s attention span during these craft projects, JoySpring Vitamins can help. OurGenius Drops focus vitamins for kids are a natural and effective way to keep your children focused and relaxed on the task at hand, leaving you with more time to relax over Memorial Day weekend too.