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Genius Drops Focus Vitamins


Does your child struggle to focus in school, get easily distracted or have behavioral issues? 

Are you desperate to avoid having your child labelled or giving them pharmaceutical medicine?

We know your pain, which is why we created Genius Drops, a natural remedy that improves focus.

You may be asking, does this really work?

Well, here are just a few of the comments taken from over 10,000 happy parents who have tried our focus vitamins:

  • “Teachers are amazed at the difference”
  • "I love having a natural alternative to medication"
  • “Genius Drops has relieved so much stress in my life
  • “My child is actually eager to learn…He feels more confident
  • “He’s willing and able to focus on assignments”
  • “We’re not getting in trouble as much”
  • She’s proud of herself, learning things faster”

Backed by hundreds of 5 star reviews, Genius Drops is a 100% plant based remedy designed to support improved focus, memory, behavior in children.

GIVE THEM CONFIDENCE – This child herbal supplement is filled with organic ingredients, including Astragalus Root, Wood Betony Herb, Gingko Leaf, and more, and is caffeine and sugar free.

Of course, every child is different, so if you try Genius Drops and aren’t absolutely delighted with your child’s newfound confidence and ability to focus, simply email us and we’ll offer a 100% refund - no questions asked.

Add to cart today while supplies last - your child is worth it.

* Results vary

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Customer Reviews

Based on 288 reviews

I am impressed with how these drops work for my daughter. She is 6 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD at the beginning of 2018. Since switching to public school she has had a tough time staying focused and on task because she is overstimulated with the large class size and the newness of the school and routine. Since starting genius drops her concentration has improved quite a bit. It took about 4 weeks for it to really start working well. I am extremely happy that I found this product and would recommend it to anybody with a child with ADHD.

It works for us!!

My son has autism and when his teacher started regularly mentioning that he was having trouble focusing and paying attention, I researched some natural ways to assist him in this area. I came across the "Genius Drops" and although a bit pricey, I decided to give it a shot. My son is super sensitive to tatstes and textures, so I was pretty sure he would turn away his juice with these drops added after one sip, but I was wrong. He drank the cup of juice without any mention of a different taste (this alone was huge for us!). Within approximately 1-2 weeks, he was doing much better with his focus. Don't get me wrong, he still has autism and he still struggles in many areas, but there was definite improvement! I thought maybe it was my imagination or coincidence so I went a few days without using the drops and low and behold, another note came home about his lack of focus or ability to pay attention that day. I can't say whether it will work for everyone, but it certainly is working for us! If you're not sure, give it a try.

Noticed my child being more calm and able to focus better.

I started using these for my 6yr old son. He is gifted, super smart but has serious trouble focusing (adhd) he also has ODD which i noticed has also improved. Since starting these drops i noticed him being more calm, able to use his words instead of instantly being angry. He is able to focus and doesnt need as much redirection. We will continue to use these. Great product.

Works for reading comprehension skills!

My 9-year-old son can focus for a longer period of time now. I'm only in my second week of using this and I've already noticed a difference. He has much better reading comprehension skills when on Genius Drops and is also much better at giving his attention to friends instead of just playing by himself. I think his memorization skills got a boost too even though he was already somewhat good at that. I give him 3 full doses daily and slightly more than prescribed (1.25ml) as he is 9-years-old. Thank you Joy Spring!

Love it!

My son is 7 and has been taking the Genius drops for several months now. His hyperactivity has improved but what has gotten even better is his ODD. I got great comments about his behavior and learning skills at school on the last parent-teacher conference. He is not only better at home but he is also doing great at school. Very pleased with the product!