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Relax & Sleep Bundle

Save 15% when you buy everything you need so you and your little ones can rest easy! Enjoy more relaxation and better sleep knowing your kiddos will fall asleep easier, stay asleep, and wake up happier.


This Relax & Sleep bundle includes Kidbiotic gummies (60 count), Vitamin D for kids (30mL), and Sleepberry (30mL) - sit back, relax and let everyone enjoy a calm and quiet night's sleep.

Kidbiotics Gummies:

DELICIOUS DIGESTIVE AND IMMUNE SUPPORT - Kidbiotics contain DE111, a natural strain of the probiotic spore that is clinically proven to help control the microbial populations in your gut regulating "good" bacteria while boosting digestion and immune health. These chewable probiotics are great for kids who need a little help in their digestive systems. Probiotics have been shown to decrease abdominal discomfort, lessen diarrhea, and alleviate bloating. And, your kid will love the taste!

Vitamin D for Kids:

I GOT A BOTTLE, GOT A BOTTLE FULL OF SUNSHINE - Vitamin D is a naturally occurring vitamin found in sunlight that helps the body absorb calcium building strong bones and teeth and has been found to improve mood and sleep. Vitamin D3 has also been shown to aid in the bodies regulation of phosphorus levels boosting your child's brain and immune system's natural development. These kids drops taste like real peppermint, and are so delicious your children will look forward to taking them.  


RESTFUL NIGHTS FOR THE KIDS AND YOU! -  Sleepberry is an all-natural sleep aid to help you with no-fuss bedtimes. It consists of Melatonin which helps promote a healthy sleep cycle so your little one falls (and stays) asleep. Vitamin D helps with both restful sleep and bone health, Elderberry supports your child's immune system, and Theanine is known for it's calming and relaxing properties. These 4 natural ingredients make a powerful and safe formula to to help your kiddo fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up much happier.

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