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Amazing, natural product for kids. My son is already showing signs of improvement! I'm so excited to see how much he benefits from continued use. I love buying JoySpring products for my family

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I would give more stars if I could. Bought this for my son's focus and concentration. So far so good, he loves the taste, no negative reaction, better focus and attitude

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My son was diagnosed with ADHD and i didn't want to put him on the expensive prescription medicines. i did some research and saw this kids focus supplement it had all organic ingredients and its full of ingredients clinically proven to help with focus attention

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Vital Vits Daily Greens

Vital Vits Daily Greens

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We know how important your child’s health is to you, and we understand how valuable natural vitamins are to safely provide essential nutrients to support your kid’s healthy, active, and growing minds and bodies. 

Vital Vits will effectively supplement your child’s diet to provide the nutrients necessary for building and maintaining a strong immune system for optimal health during important growing up years.

A daily-use herbal supplement that is a valuable source of naturally occurring major minerals and vitamins necessary for building and maintaining a child’s general immunity, a strong, healthy body, and optimal health in the growing years.

VitalVits provide your child with the essential vitamins and minerals they need to perform at a peak level. Our natural herb formula contains calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and Vitamin A and C to name a few of the important daily vitamins to supplement a healthy lifestyle. Help your child thrive with natural VitalVits!

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viral bits greens

My kids love it , the herbal flavor does not bother to them great product I recommend it . Great customer service .

Love it!

5 stars across the board! Nothing short of phenomenal.

Love love love it

My two year old was prescribed iron medicine and I just didn’t like how it made her stools look. So I ordered this because it has iron in it. I saw a change in my daughters attention Spain and immune system in only one week. I have a home daycare and almost every child got sick but mine didn’t. I love these drops and plan on using them forever!!


Kids like it. Will continue use . Hopefully see good results

Sensory Autism

Looking for a liquid vitamin for my daughter with sensory autism .All the other vitamins that we have tried caused her to come down with severe constipation .So we decided to try an organic vitamin .This vitamin worked better than expected my daughter no longer gets sick as much , constipation ear aches ,fevers have disapeard . The vitamin works well , for the immune system , she is more manageable, I highly recommend this vitamin for children with gut health issues. My daughter is finally able to run and play around without being sick week after week. Thank you so much Joyspring for making this vitamin it‚s helped so much. This vitamin does not cure autism , but it‚s best vitamin I know of so far that can help with suffering of systems of a low immune system and it‚s organic and the big thing that makes this vitamin stand out from all other vitamin it comes with liquid iron which helps with sluggishness of enemia. I highly recommend it.

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