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About Us

We’re a small company with big goals: deliver family friendly liquid vitamins at low consumer prices, with unparalleled customer service.

We believe that being happy begins with being healthy. With the standard American diet proven to cause diseases even in young kids, we felt it our duty to fortify our children’s nutrition and shield them from potential problems down the road.

Blessed with 4 lovely and healthy kids of our own, the idea of Joyspring was born!

The only way to ensure there are no gaps in your kids’ meal plan is by supplementing their meal plan with the right herbal vitamins that have been proven to work and be safe.

Working with a team of clinical & formulary herbalists, nutritional therapists and the leading herbal manufacturer in the US, we created our family friendly line of liquid vitamins for kids.

By using a revolutionary patented manufacturing process, we’re able to deliver products that are completely free of alcohol and sugar at the same time, this means a 4 year shelf life for every product we offer. 

What’s more, kids love the sweet taste of our liquid vitamins and every parent love knowing their children are consuming zero preservatives, sugar or glucose.

To support those in need, JoySpring gives a portion of all proceeds to charities that support children’s health.

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