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5 Tips to Help Your Child Sleep

After a long day of work, running errands, picking the kids up from school, dropping them off at soccer practice, picking them back up again, making dinner, then finally serving it to the family, a relaxing night of sleep doesn’t just feel well-deserved, but an absolute right! 

You get the kids ready for bed and tucked in, then finally get yourself sleep-ready. You lay down on your beautifully comfy mattress that you never seem to spend enough time in and slowly close your eyes.

Bring it on, REM sleep!

“Waaaaah, waaaah, WAAAAH,” comes screaming down the hall.

No, no, nooo...NOT again…,” you think as you throw your covers off and swing your legs to the side of the mattress, ready to make your way down the hall to your restless child like you have every single night for the past week.

A restless child is like a domino affect--it not only disrupts your child, their behavior and the productivity of their days, but it also disrupts you. And, I’m sure by now you’d give anything for a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

There’s so many pharmaceutical ways to get your child to sleep, but if you’re a cautious parent about what goes into your child’s body, then I’m sure you’re looking for a more natural way to get your child counting sheep. So, without further adieu, check out these five tips to help your child sleep.

  1. Make sure your child is getting enough sleep


This one may seems obvious, but did you know your 2-5 year old needs around 10 hours of sleep at least every night, not including naps?

Research how many hours of sleep is recommended for your child’s age and pay attention to if it seems like too much, too little or just right. To factor in your child overnight sleep, think about when your child needs to be up in the morning, then go from there.

  1. Establish a routine


Studies have shown time and time again the importance of bedtime routines. A routine cues our child’s mind that it’s time for bed, which helps the body naturally release melatonin. Keep your routine simple, like a nighttime bath, changing into some comfy PJs and brushing their teeth. Don’t forget, consistency is key!

  1. Relaxation hour


Winding down before bed is beyond critical for getting a good night's sleep--for children and adults alike! Get your child into the habit of dedicating an hour to relaxation before bed. If an hour isn’t achievable, then at least allocate 30 minutes.

The most important part of winding down is keeping your child screen-free at least an hour before bed. Introduce your child to the benefits of breathing techniques and relaxing yoga flows. Play low calming music and help your child relax even more by giving them a little massage.  

  1. Essential oils


Essential oils are notorious for helping with calmness and relaxation. Try diffusing lavender during your relaxation wind down, or drop a couple droplets in your child’s bath before bed.

You can also use frankincense and cedarwood, which have been known for helping people catch some Z’s. Try a few different ones out and see which one works best for your family 

  1. SleepBerry


SleepBerry is my secret weapon when it comes to getting my kids to sleep. Made of Melatonin, Elderberry, Vitamin D3 and L Theanine (yes, only four ingredients!), it is the only sleep remedy that boosts your child’s immune system while they sleep!

It’s an absolute life saver.

Its sugar free, vegan, gluten free, non-GMO AND organic. Include this non-habit forming sleep remedy in your bedtime routine by squeezing 1-2 drops under your child’s tongue before bed.

Sleep is immensely important for children, especially for their learning and the development of their minds. And, sleep for your child is just as important for you and your well being!

Try these tips to ensure your child is sleeping through the night, and if you want to try a natural remedy that makes bedtime a whole lot easier, try out SleepBerry. If you’re not happy, they’ll give you a refund with no worries!