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So Glad I Found These, He's Happy

I would give more stars if I could. Bought this for my son's focus and concentration. So far so good, he loves the taste, no negative reaction, better focus and attitude.

Worked for my son!

After a few weeks of daily drops twice a day I’m starting to notice a difference in my 4 and a half yr old son. He is now more willing to listen and uses words instead of yelling or crying. And he’s is getting sent home with less notes. Hoping in time he will get even better

Tummy Settle - Tummy Ache Remedy
Safe and effective gas relief for fussy babies

Easy to use, very cute bottle, and seems to work instantly!
And I can really appreciate that the ingredients used are all-natural so I know it's safe for my little one.
I highly recommend.

Tummy Settle - Tummy Ache Remedy
Five Stars

Almost instant relief for my kids upset tummy!

Helps a bit.

Helps a bit.

No Fuss Bedtime!

Just tried it 2 nights ago. My son is usually pretty antsy at bedtime & continues to talk, keeping his little sister awake. I gave them both "Calm & Sleep" & for the 1st time, they were both dreaming 30 min later.

Last night, my daughter couldn't sleep. She was awake from about 1am - 2am. I remembered I had this product so I gave it to her and she slept like a baby until it was time for school.

They both seemed alert the next morning and the taste has a hint of mint to it because of the Spearmint. Great product, definitely going to keep this in my cabinet!

This kids focus supplement works!

My son was diagnosed with ADHD and i didn't want to put him on the expensive prescription medicines. i did some research and saw this kids focus supplement it had all organic ingredients and its full of ingredients clinically proven to help with focus attention. So far its working great, my son is much calmer/happier and starting to do better in school, and is paying more attention at home.

Five Stars

Fantastic. This is a game changer. Helps keep your kids focused. Works great and all natural.

Tummy Settle - Tummy Ache Remedy
Bye bye tummy aches

I am a mom of 4 and always busy and on the go so having a little one that gets car sick is definitely tough. These yummy drops were the best solution I’ve found for my son. I love the fact that it’s organic, doesn’t make him drowsy, all natural ingredients and no sugars added. My son actually likes the taste and it’s super easy to use with the dropper.

Tummy Settle - Tummy Ache Remedy
Works great for motion sickness

I used this on my 6 year old son, and it definitely helps long car rides more than children's Dramamine. No drowsy side effects at all, and he even liked the taste. We didn't have any issues and everyone was happy (especially mama)! I much prefer this over "drugs", Dramamine or sugary ginger candies. We'll keep some on hand from now on.

Great taste and quality .. also fast shipping too

Notice a difference in my nephew he has adhd and this let's him focus a but more than all the meds he takes .. it's great tasting too my son won't take medicine so we have to hide a lot of his meds his food I haven't tried it on him enough to notice anything hes only 1 and a half ..but he will eat right from the spoon.. I can't wait to order the elderberry syrup next .. thanks for making something natural and healthy..

Tummy Settle - Tummy Ache Remedy
Love the ingredients

I'm very concerned about making sure I give my kids high quality ingredients and making sure there's no sugars or other unnecessary additives. This delivers and they don't mind the taste, which is great.

Highly Recommend!!!

Shipped fast! Amazing, natural product for kids. My son is already showing signs of improvement! I'm so excited to see how much he benefits from continued use. I love buying JoySpring products for my family. The best organic vitamins for kids! Awesome seller! Great customer service!!!

Tummy Settle - Tummy Ache Remedy
We love our JoySpring products

We love our JoySpring products. Giving our kids organic, safe supplements for sicknesses always makes me feel better. Its so quick to use the dropper attached, the only downside was the kids said it was spicy. I am sure its because of the ginger. But other than that, we use when we need it and they dont complain of their tummy aches any more.

Tummy Settle - Tummy Ache Remedy
Best drops ever with Ginger for kids!

So, my sister is all about her Finger crystals for stomach issues and will preach about Ginger to anyone she knows. So, when she seen there was something for kids, drops at that, she was excited (begins excited). She has a 9 year old and her daughter 5 and grandson 5, and they tend to get queasy stomachs from eating junk food or eating too much, plus getting sick. Follow the directions and she said you can tell a huge difference using these versus other stuff she's used. This works exactly like she thought it would too. It lessened the upset stomach feeling and my nephew felt better after taking it. She's so happy to see a kid version of something she stands behind, so I can tell you this is a must buy for any parent for kids with upset stomachs.

Tummy Settle - Tummy Ache Remedy
Works great!

All natural ingredients help soothe kiddo's tummy! Tastes yummy so you get more of it in them than on them!

Tummy Settle - Tummy Ache Remedy
Works well

This product works great. I have 4 boys and as soon as any of them started feeling like they were getting an upset stomach I would give them a dose. Within 10-15 mins they were feeling better. It is all natural so I feel a lot better about giving it to them.

very pleased with everything we have ordered from them

I'm Impressed already heck after one night of using this my baby slept all night.. he has been anemic in the past and was having to take iron pills.. then they suggested vitamins with iron.. my son doesn't tolerate crushed pills so he has to have liquid meds or supplements.. so he takes the vitamins from Joyspring too.. very pleased with everything we have ordered from them!! Also have ordered the elderberry syrup too for this winter sickness .. great products can't wait to order more soon!!

Focus improved greatly!

Really happy with the results I have seen in my son so far, its definitely working for us! Great customer service and fast shipping!

Fast Shipping- Satisfied Customer

These arrived super quick and are exactly what we have been looking for! We have only been using them for a couple of days, but so far they seem to be working well for my son. He prefers mixing it into a little bit of juice. ;)

calm & sleep product

how many ounces should you use when using the drops


I have noticed a major improvement with these daughter would come home with the color orange or very in minimum yellow very often green! She is actually focusing and paying attention. I love it!!

Works Wonders

Having a child with asthma can be a hard situation to deal with, especially when they have a cold. Knowing what medicines you can give them that won't affect their breathing and their health can be a hassle. I found this product and let me say, I have never been happier with a purchase. When my son did get a cold this winter these drops helped him tremendously. He was able to recover quicker due to not having any complications with his asthma. He showed absolutely no signs of any discomfort or adverse reactions like he has with other remedies. This should be an essential product in all households with asthmatic children!

starsHe has great difficulty focusing in class

We noticed a difference immediately and so did my son's teacher. My son has ADHD/ASD. He has great difficulty focusing in class. After a week, his teacher reported that he needed much less input and redirection. This also helped a great deal with his focus in sports. We are very happy with the results so far.

Simply brilliant

Very happy customer.