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Based on 1464 reviews

I am impressed with how these drops work for my daughter. She is 6 years old and was diagnosed with ADHD at the beginning of 2018. Since switching to public school she has had a tough time staying focused and on task because she is overstimulated with the large class size and the newness of the school and routine. Since starting genius drops her concentration has improved quite a bit. It took about 4 weeks for it to really start working well. I am extremely happy that I found this product and would recommend it to anybody with a child with ADHD.

Can my 2 year old daughter take this too? Both of my kids, my son 5 and my baby 2 are horrible sleepers, my son wakes up at night still and tries to come in our room and my daughter still tries to wake up several times a night to nurse at 2!!! I really hope this works!!! Just wanna be sure it's safe for 5 yr old and just turned 2 year old to take every night for awhile till they get used to the new routine and stay asleep!!

It works for us!!

My son has autism and when his teacher started regularly mentioning that he was having trouble focusing and paying attention, I researched some natural ways to assist him in this area. I came across the "Genius Drops" and although a bit pricey, I decided to give it a shot. My son is super sensitive to tatstes and textures, so I was pretty sure he would turn away his juice with these drops added after one sip, but I was wrong. He drank the cup of juice without any mention of a different taste (this alone was huge for us!). Within approximately 1-2 weeks, he was doing much better with his focus. Don't get me wrong, he still has autism and he still struggles in many areas, but there was definite improvement! I thought maybe it was my imagination or coincidence so I went a few days without using the drops and low and behold, another note came home about his lack of focus or ability to pay attention that day. I can't say whether it will work for everyone, but it certainly is working for us! If you're not sure, give it a try.

Noticed my child being more calm and able to focus better.

I started using these for my 6yr old son. He is gifted, super smart but has serious trouble focusing (adhd) he also has ODD which i noticed has also improved. Since starting these drops i noticed him being more calm, able to use his words instead of instantly being angry. He is able to focus and doesnt need as much redirection. We will continue to use these. Great product.

Works for reading comprehension skills!

My 9-year-old son can focus for a longer period of time now. I'm only in my second week of using this and I've already noticed a difference. He has much better reading comprehension skills when on Genius Drops and is also much better at giving his attention to friends instead of just playing by himself. I think his memorization skills got a boost too even though he was already somewhat good at that. I give him 3 full doses daily and slightly more than prescribed (1.25ml) as he is 9-years-old. Thank you Joy Spring!

Love it!

My son is 7 and has been taking the Genius drops for several months now. His hyperactivity has improved but what has gotten even better is his ODD. I got great comments about his behavior and learning skills at school on the last parent-teacher conference. He is not only better at home but he is also doing great at school. Very pleased with the product!

Great alternative

My 10 year old son has been diagnosed with inattentive ADHD and anxiety since age 6 and has always worked so hard in school without medication. This year was harder for him and he tried these drops a month ago. He feels they help him focus in the classroom to complete his work. He completed his End of Grade testing without any problems last week. He wasn't in love with the taste. He likes it best in a few sips of coffee, of all things. I will definitely continue to purchase.

Saw a Noticable Difference in Son‚s Focus

It took a while to see a difference (as explained in the product description), but by the 3rd week my 6yr old soon was experiencing some improvements in his focus at school. He got in trouble a lot less and actually started completing his assignments without constant supervision and redirection. I‚m pleased enough with the results that I‚ll be ordering a second bottle. If we continue to see more improvements I will most likely bump my rating up from a 4 to a 5. One thing to note is my son didn't like the taste but we got around that by mixing with a little juice. I gave two doses per day, one in the morning and one with dinner.


In a nutshell after my 7 year old son constantly being in trouble for not being focused, not being able to sit down in his chair. Just not able to have self controle always wanting to play. I didn't know what else to do. One day I just cried so much i prayed to Jesus what I should do. He told me to calm down there is hope. I researched online the best natural vitamins for hyperactive children. And JoySpring popped up! I read the reviews and with out a dought I gave it a try. JoySpring has been the best thing that has happened to my family and especially my 7 year old son! Hia teachers seen an improvement the 2nd week he was on Genius drops! This is not a joke. This vitamin works!! I give some to my 14 year old & my 5 year old before school so they can also focus and learn better!! 💕💕💕💕💕

Concerned & Upset!

I have bought this product 3 times, for the last 3 months I have been giving them to my 3 yr. And 6 yr old. NO CHANGES!🤔

it's not like all of a sudden he's calm

I bought these because my 7 year old has a very hard time concentrating in school or at home while doing homework. I do think they help. They aren't a miracle drug, it's not like all of a sudden he's calm, but i see improvement in how much work he gets done at school. That's all I was looking for - I don't want to 'drug' my child, I just want to help him calm down a little so he doesn't fall behind. He doesn't like the taste of them but i mix in a little juice and it's fine. I'll be ordering my next bottle soon.

She has had a great deal of trouble focusing in school and was struggling

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD this past fall. She has had a great deal of trouble focusing in school and was struggling, especially in math. We tried a prescription medicine from our doctor and the side effects were terrible. We looked for a natural remedy and came across Genius Drops. We started our daughter on the drops in early December. In March her teacher told us that from December to March our daughter made the biggest gains in math in the class! So we feel that the drops have definitely helped.

That gave me a good feeling. Then I started to read the reviews

My daughter has always had behavior issues at school that have impacted her grades. She's in elementary school and since they start the state testing this year, suggestions of ADD and ADHD evaluations and medication have come up once again. But, of course, there are side effects to consider and her psychologist ruled out ADHD. I started searching for something else and came upon this and many other products.
So first I read the ingredients. Plants. That gave me a good feeling. Then I started to read the reviews. After wading through comments about taste, etc., I got to the important part: does it work? It seemed like it.
My bottle arrived and in the first week, classwork grades improved. Behavior improved. In.the.first.week!! But was it the placebo effect? I decided not to give her drops over the weekend and there was indeed a difference. I'm a believer now!

Genius drops

These were so good for my daughter. Good taste, helped with focus and calmed her.

Can any child take this vitamins?Or is it only for kids that have ADD, ADHD.

How can I Mix them

I have 4 battle. Elderberry, nature nose best, immune boost, and the multivitamin.
I would like to know how can I mix them each other and if these are product to give to my kids for long time or is just while the cold is in them? Also, I read something about the drops in this page, you suggested that are 2 or 3 drops but in Amazon's page in the description says 20 drops ( 1ml) 2 or 3 times a day. Is it too much???.
My kids are 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 years old. Is so important for me to know all these details. Thank you so much.
I was trying to contact to costumer service but the phone number is not working. I am not sure why if this is a serious company.

Finally something Natural and melatonin free that WORKS!

My lil one has ASD, Anxiety, ADHD and Sensory processing disorder. He has been having trouble sleeping and we can't give him melatonin because he gets bad nightmares. I was looking for something Natural and melatonin free, I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. THANK GOD I DID! This has been A Godsend! I came back to order more yesterday and almost fainted when it said not available and unknown date of restock! But today it is available and I can do the happy dance!!! Thank you for creating this product!

Life changing!

We absolutely love SleepBerry! It has been life changing for this family with 4 children, one with ASD. I make smoothies and freeze them into ice pop molds. The kids each get an ice pop after dinner and they’re alseep 15 minutes after getting in bed!

Brain medicine

My daughter calls these her brain medicine. These drops really helps her focus in class . Good grades last year and good grades this semester

It’s great!

My daughter struggled a bit in school w/ concentration, we tried these and they helped! Plus she says they taste good too! Win win with no fighting!

I was skeptical, but it really works!

I have been using these drops every day on my five year old daughter who has a sensory processing disorder. I give her two drops in her mouth. So far these are working. She is more calm and focused which is one of her downfalls. I‚ve been very impressed with her behavior.

Great ingredients and customer service.

These drops have great all natural ingredients to treat attention issues. We have not seen big changes in my son as of yet, but also no negative side effects like medications can cause. Excellent customer service. JoySpring is extremely responsive to any needs you may have.

and enjoyed the taste

Didn‚t notice any diffence in my kids behavior or demeanor; however, he never fussed about the flavor, and enjoyed the taste.

Five Stars

My child has improved at school 100%

Helped bring back focus in school

After a difficult school year, Genius Drops have our 8-year-old daughter, unofficially diagnosed with ADHD, the ability to slow down in class and focus. She went from bringing home D's and F's to A's and B's again like we knew she could do!