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Amazing, natural product for kids. My son is already showing signs of improvement! I'm so excited to see how much he benefits from continued use. I love buying JoySpring products for my family

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I would give more stars if I could. Bought this for my son's focus and concentration. So far so good, he loves the taste, no negative reaction, better focus and attitude

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My son was diagnosed with ADHD and i didn't want to put him on the expensive prescription medicines. i did some research and saw this kids focus supplement it had all organic ingredients and its full of ingredients clinically proven to help with focus attention

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Based on 505 reviews
Love it!

My son loves the vitamin and gummies I will definitely order more.

SleepBerry Melatonin for Kids

Genius Drops Focus Vitamins for Kids

Immune boosting while inducing relaxation

I like the flavor and how this induces relaxation and also protects from sickness.

Just what we needed

My Grandson is very active, and has trouble falling to sleep. So we wakes up in the morning, still very tired, making him difficult to manage. This SleepBerry has been a life saver, it gives him the gentle help he needs to fall asleep, so he is getting enough sleep during the night. Making him much more manageable. Thank you so much


I love this product. I actually bought elderberry cold supplement and sleepberry . I love the ingredients I also love that it calms my toddler and he wakes up with no side effects the next morning. In fact he wake up happy !

We love the JoySprings we have tried so far!! The sleep blend and calmify have been life savers so far! Thank you!

Thanks gummy

It looks grt

Love it!!

Calms my daughter with ease and she goes on off to sleep. She is up and refreshed for the next day! Love it!

Wonderful stuff

My kids go to sleep and stay asleep. We love the sleep berry. It is the only melatonin solution that seems to work on my kiddos.

Love them!

These genius drops are great. We definitely see how the help improve our 4 yr process things fast and help with attention.

Sleeping Toddler!

I struggled with getting my toddler to bed every night! Sometimes he wouldn’t fall asleep until midnight! But now with SleepBerry I’m able to have him in bed by 9PM every night. This is a major accomplishment for us!

Been great help for my Grandson

This Sleep Berry has really helped my Grandson . He is constantly moving, he cannot sit still, the SleepBerry helps calm him down so he can sleep.

not this time

Good company but did not work for my daughter

Insomniac toddler!

Definitely works! Have already purchased a second bottle!

My kids love these!

Both of my kids love these vitamins, including my picky 4 year old! Giving these gives me extra peace of mind during flu season.

Must try

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of this product. Definitely see a change in my child’s attitude and school work.

Can my 2 year old daughter take this too? Both of my kids, my son 5 and my baby 2 are horrible sleepers, my son wakes up at night still and tries to come in our room and my daughter still tries to wake up several times a night to nurse at 2!!! I really hope this works!!! Just wanna be sure it's safe for 5 yr old and just turned 2 year old to take every night for awhile till they get used to the new routine and stay asleep!!

I purchased the item as a sleep aid for my toddler. Unfortunately, it has not helped in this area.

Ok product

My child has been taking every day since receiving and I have not noticed any real difference.

ElderBerry Blend+

Great stuff

I love the sleep berry it seems to be the only thing I can get my daughter to take for sleeping. After trying everything else, I am so glad sleep berry is working.

Life changing!

We absolutely love SleepBerry! It has been life changing for this family with 4 children, one with ASD. I make smoothies and freeze them into ice pop molds. The kids each get an ice pop after dinner and they’re alseep 15 minutes after getting in bed!

Love it!!

I absolutely love it. It calms my 4 year old at night so that she is ready for the next day!!

Love this all natural synthetic product!

I love love love sleepberry!! It helps my boys so much!! They love the taste! They always ask for more lol!! I also love that it helps their immune system while they sleep!! #winwin

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