Back to School Special: FREE Shipping for Limited Time

ABC's Vitamin Bundle


As essential as knowing your ABCs!


Let's be honest, back to school season means germs. LOTS of germs. Make sure your little one is protected and healthy with the ABC bundle. Burst B12 offers essential B vitamins for essential brain functioning and a burst of energy and improves memory Vitamin C provides immune protection to stop those germs in their tracks and keep your child on track! The sunshine vitamin (D3+K2) ensures your child's bones and muscles are healthy and developing as they should. Keeping your child at peak health is now as easy as A, B, C!

Hey! It's easy to use the ABC bundle.
Drip a drop in their favorite 🥣 or 🥛
Sing the Joyspring ABCs 🎵
Send your little one off to school - worry free! ✨