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Genius Drops Focus Vitamins - 2.0

His teachers are amazed at the difference

-Cary B., Joyspring Vitamins Customer

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Improve Your Child's Focus
(without side effects)

No prescriptions. No pills or sugar-packed gummies. Just a few daily drops of Genius Drops to help your little one naturally reach their potential.

  • Description
    Newly Designed Label, Same Great Formula

    Designed to support improved focus, memory, behavior in children.
    Award Winning All-In-One Protein Shake Are you desperate to avoid having your child labelled or giving them pharmaceutical medicine?

    We know your pain, which is why we created Genius Drops, a natural remedy that improves focus.

    You may be asking, does this really work?

    Well, here are just a few of the comments taken from over 10,000 happy parents who have tried our focus vitamins:

    • “Teachers are amazed at the difference”
    • "I love having a natural alternative to medication"
    • “Genius Drops has relieved so much stress in my life
    • “My child is actually eager to learn…He feels more confident
    • “He’s willing and able to focus on assignments”
    • “We’re not getting in trouble as much”
    • She’s proud of herself, learning things faster”


    Backed by hundreds of 5 star reviews, Genius Drops is a 100% plant based remedy designed to support improved focus, memory, behavior in children.

    GIVE THEM CONFIDENCE – This child herbal supplement is filled with organic ingredients, including Astragalus Root, Wood Betony Herb, Gingko Leaf, and more, and is caffeine and sugar free.

    EASY TO USE - Give your child 1mL 1-3 times per day, or as needed. Can be easily mixed with your child's favorite food or drink!

    Genius Drops is recommended for children over the age of 2 years. For long term use, it is recommended to use as needed and to speak to your pediatrician.

    Of course, every child is different, so if you try Genius Drops and aren’t absolutely delighted with your child’s newfound confidence and ability to focus, simply email us and we’ll offer a 100% refund - no questions asked.

    Add to cart today while supplies last - your child is worth it.

    * Results vary



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  • Ingredients

    No prescriptions. No pills or sugar-packed gummies. Just a few daily drops of Genius Drops to help your little one naturally reach their potential.


    Hibiscus Flower

    Hibiscus Flower

    The  Hibiscus flower is commonly cultivated for medical purposes.  It helps to oxygenate the brain and vital organs. 

    Gingko Leaf

    Gingko Leaf

    Ginkgo biloba is a widely used natural remedy, mainly prescribed for memory improvement and to mental sharpness.



    Rhodiola rosea is reported to enhance energy levels and control how the body responds to stress, both of which can affect brain health

    Gotu kola

    Gotu kola

    Gotu kola has traditionally been used to improve mood and memory, protect the brain from toxins and help with mental sharpness.

  • Genius Drops vs. Other Brands

    There's really no comparison, but...

     Genius Drops  Others

    Liquid formula, easy to mix into drinks

    Hard to swallow pills
    Natural herbs, no side effects
    Headaches, stomach aches, weight loss
    Improved focus, concentration and attention Focus and mood changes
    Plant based remedy means peace of mind Worry about long term use
    Sugar and preservative free Sugar tablets chalky taste
  • Reviews
  • FAQ

      Frequently Asked Questions

    • 1. What can I expect from Genius Drops?

      Most parents report improvement with the ability to focus longer, improved behavior in school, improved ability to stay on task for homework assignments and more.  Results may vary.

    • 2. What age range can it be used for?

      We recommend ages 2+.  For teens simply increase the dosage until you see the desired results.

    • 3. What are the ingredients?

      Genius Drops contains only the highest-quality, organic ingredients:

      Hibiscus Flower


      Gotu Kola


      Licorice Root



      The supplement facts can be seen in the image section above.

    • 4. How do I use it?

      Parents who shared the best results typically gave Genius Drops twice daily for 2-3 weeks.  Mix the drops in any drink or snack to mask the herbal flavor.

    • 5. What if my child doesn't like the taste?

      Adding the drops to any drink or snack works like a charm for picky eaters.

    • 6. Can it be mixed with other medication?

      Genius Drops is a herbal remedy, so there is no concern for side effects.  If you're worried about mixing this with other products your child is taking you should consult a pediatrician.