4 Helpful Behavior Rules for Your ADHD Child
March 11th, 2020

4 Helpful Behavior Rules for Your ADHD Child

Setting behavioral rules for your ADHD child is a delicate process. It’s important not to flood them with too much information and to use repetition to keep them focused on positive behavior. Setting too many rules is not helpful either, instead, it’s best to stick to several specific rules that will instill positive behavior at various different levels at the same time.

Here are four basic rules that you can teach your ADHD child to get them on a more positive behavioral path:

Rule 1: Listen To and Follow Instructions. Teaching your child the importance of following instructions will ensure that you can get through daily tasks such as getting dressed and washing up more easily. It will also help them to learn to obey teachers and other authoritative figures outside of your home.


Rule 2: Always Be Kind. In order to eliminate arguing or aggressive behavior, teach your child the importance of being kind through their words and their actions.

Rule 3: Never Stop Trying. Many children with ADHD can get frustrated rather easily, especially when they’re trying to do something and can’t get it right. It’s so important to encourage your child to try new things and to reassure them that it’s ok if they don’t get something right the first time.

Rule 4: Use Your Words. This rule is very much in line with the one above. When your child gets frustrated because they want something or want you to do something for them, they can end up getting rather upset if you fail to understand what they’re asking for. Many times this frustration and misunderstanding can lead to an angry outburst, making it even more difficult to communicate with them. Teach your child to use their words out loud when asking for something. You’d be surprised at how many children think of what they want but never actually express it in words, so they assume you know exactly what they need. The sooner they can communicate what they need, the quicker you can help them.

Bonus Tips:

  1. Put these 4 rules up in your child’s room and around the house as a constant reminder.
  2. Every time you correct your child’s behavior, don’t forget to link it to one of your rules so that it becomes second nature.
  3. Remind your child about the 4 rules before you drop them off at school or any place where they will be interacting with other children. Mention all the rules in one concise sentence in order to not overwhelm your child with information.

While these rules aren’t a fix-all solution, they will certainly help you to start implementing better behavioral patterns that will lead to a more positive environment at home and at school.

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