October 8th, 2021

Do You Know the Most Important Age of Child Development?

Children are SPONGES.

From the time they're in the womb they can hear you and are absorbing everything you say and do, and they continue to take it in throughout their childhood. A little scary, right?

Don't worry- they learn through constant example and repetition (phew!). While children learn and grow at different paces, according to medical science there is a specific time period in which major developmental milestones are reached. This period is birth to five years old.

The first 5 years are the building blocks and crucial to a strong foundation for your child's development, health, and overall wellbeing. So what can we do as parents to help them? Keep reading to find out.

Baby Physical Growth & Development

Birth-3 months

  • head control
  • grasping (oh the strength of that iron fist)
  • tummy time is a great and popular way to help your babe strengthen their body! A strong body from the beginning creates a solid foundation for later development, motor, hand, visual, and feeding skills.

3-6 months

  • start to build strength
  • begin playing with toys and exploring stimulating objects. (Parent tip: stock up on batteries! Or hide them, your choice)

6-9 months

  • sitting without support
  • some babies may begin to crawl

9-12 months

  • stand without assistance
  • pick up and throw objects (yay)
  • develop more advanced fine motor skills
  • some babies may take their first steps

Below are a few physical milestones your child may reach as they get a little older:

Ages 1-2

  • Coloring or painting by moving their entire arm (still a masterpiece)
  • Opening doors (yay again)
  • Walking up and down stairs without assistance

Ages 2-3

  • Kicking a ball
  • Turning pages of a book
  • Holding a crayon or marker properly

Ages 3-4

  • Riding a tricycle or scooter
  • Throwing and catch a ball
  • Shaping play-doh into different art and shapes

Ages 4-5

  • Jumping on 1 foot
  • Doing somersaults
  • Writing print and copying letters

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