November 11th, 2020

Keeping Your Family COVID Safe this Winter

With temperatures dropping and COVID cases rising, we could all be in for a bit of a rough winter. And although worrying about our kids is an inherent part of parenting, there are plenty of precautions your family can take to stay safe this winter, and give you some peace of mind. Here’s what the experts are recommending.

Smaller gatherings

In most cases, the new rules are the old rules. Health experts recommend keeping your social gatherings small, spread out, and occurring less often. Limiting how many people your family comes into contact with, and how often, is one of the best things you can do to stay safe and avoid the spread. 

Even when it comes to the holidays. This just is not the year to get the whole family together for Christmas, or to travel out of town. Keep your holiday celebrations small and wear masks if you are spending extended amounts of time indoors with anyone outside of your household. While it won’t be the same, gathering your family together on Zoom is much safer than gathering in person.

Don’t isolate completely

However, there is a balance to be had. On the one hand, staying apart protects your family’s physical health. On the other hand, we need human interaction and connection for our mental health. 

If your kids aren’t getting as much play time with their friends, make sure you are having more time interacting together as a family. Play games and do activities that stimulate their minds. Set up safe, outdoor playdates for them with just one or two friends at a time. It can be hard to keep kids socially distanced from each other, so make sure they wear masks and use sanitizer.

Guard against the flu

It’s extra important this year to protect your family from the flu. With some common symptoms, the last thing you need is the flu coming into your home this winter and raising COVID concerns. Vaccinations are the best protection for your family, but you can also add some extra immune-boosting vitamins into their diets and be careful about hand washing.

Mask up

Masks still remain one of the most important ways to keep ourselves and our families safe from COVID. Whether your kids are in school, running errands with you or visiting a friend’s house, it’s important they keep their masks on. As a parent, that means we have to impress upon our children the importance of this. It also means we need to set the example. 

We know the pandemic has added stress and strain to families all over the world. Keeping your family safe is the number one priority this year so that you can enter 2021 happy, healthy and together.