March 4th, 2021

Tricks to Get Your Kids to Take their Vitamins, Without Complaining

At JoySpring, we take pride in the fact that our vitamins are kid-friendly and great tasting, even without sugar and other additives. But sometimes, convincing your kids to take even the most flavorful vitamins can be a battle. 

So if you are currently fighting against a stubborn streak, here are some tricks you can utilize to get your kids to take their vitamins without a fuss.

Switch to Drops

Some children may have difficulty swallowing pills, or dislike the texture of chewables. Vitamin drops, like our Vitamin Boost Bundle, are a quick and easy way for kids to get their vitamins. Plus, you can hide them in a cup of juice with your child none the wiser!

Add Some Fun

No matter what you are trying to get your kids to do, making it fun can completely change their attitude towards the task. Turn the vitamins into a game or sing a silly song to make it something they even look forward to.

You can also buy a special cup or plate with their favorite TV or movie character on it, and only let them use that dish when they take their vitamins.

Create a Routine

Building the vitamins into part of their daily routine makes it feel like less of an option, or more of just something you do. Try combining their vitamins with another activity they do everyday, like eating breakfast.

Take Vitamins Too

This works especially well if your kids are still the age where they love to mimic mom and dad. Plus, it’s a great way to remember to take your vitamins and support your own health!

Teach Them

Convincing your kids to take their vitamins can also be a good educational opportunity. Explaining the importance of vitamins and how they benefit your children’s health will help them understand why they need to take vitamins, and give them the chance to make a decision to support their health.

Other Ways to Hide Them

But if it comes down to it, hiding the vitamins in other food or drinks may just be what it takes to end the battle. Besides juice, as mentioned above, other places you can mix in vitamins include yogurt, smoothies, fruit and vegetable puree, jellies, nut butters, homemade popsicles or homemade gummies. 

If these tricks still don’t work, you may just need to test out new brands until you find one your children like (or don’t notice in their food). We work hard to make healthy, natural vitamins that kids love, so give JoySpring a try!