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5 Simple Strategies to Improve Focus Naturally

Does your child have trouble focusing?

What about starting a project, homework, or keeping their attention on one thing? It's not a matter of work ethic but a matter of focus. Well, you're definitely not alone.

... and congratulations! You have found the remedy to all your family's unproductive and unfinished project woes. If you haven't already heard of JoySpring's best seller, Genius Drops, here you are:

Genius Drops is an all-natural focus supplement to help people (not just children!) improve:

- focus

- concentration

- memory

- mental clarity

- brain circulation

This liquid based herbal supplement is made with Hibiscus Flower, Ginkgo leaf, Gotu Kola, Rhodiola root, Licorice root, and Peppermint leaf.... Sourced straight from Mother Nature herself.

I'll tell you this - it's not a bunch of Focus-Pocus!

(get it? *slapping my own knee*)

In addition to adding Genius Drops to your daily diet, here are some strategies you can use to increase focus naturally:

1. Meditate - Start your school or work day with a few moments of quiet time praying, breathing, or just being silent. Clearing your thoughts and calming your mind will help eliminate mental distractions. Now, let's eliminate physical distractions...

2. Clear your desk! - Whether that means putting your phone or video games in a drawer, or closing yourself in a windowless room with a table and chair (guilty). Eliminating distractions will 100% harness your focus on the one thing that is in front of you.

3. Work on a schedule - Have a timer on your computer, desk, phone, or watch and work in increments. A good place to start is 20 minutes of work, 10 minutes of rest. Then adjust based on your needs.

4. Start with the easy stuff - Chances are, if you're getting distracted while reading, it's because it is too difficult at the moment. it can be a little too tempting to walk away and procrastinate if your first task is difficult and daunting. To get the ball rolling, start with the easiest task and your task list will get smaller and less-scary.

5. Make sure you're well rested - Of course it is hard to focus if you can barely keep your eyes open! Ensure you go to bed on time and get a restful night's sleep with JoySpring's herbal sleep aid, SleepBerry with Melatonin and SleepBerry Tart Cherry without Melatonin.