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8 Self Care Tips for Kiddos

Everyone needs some TLC and self - care sometimes. Establishing healthy habits for your children's mental wellbeing is just as important as their physical wellbeing.

We've pulled together 8 ways to help your kiddos learn how to self care!

  1. Share your own experiences and feeling to show and encourage self awareness.
  2. Find social groups that they feel like they belong to.
  3. When expressing your feelings - make sure you articulate them clearly.
  4. Encourage them to journal before bed or when they are feeling stressed out, to establish it as a normal part of routines.
  5. Practice what you preach and make sure you have your own self care routine set, and that you're following through with it.
  6. Set aside time for them to participate in low stress activities.
  7. Make sure they are participating in things that are away from television and cell phone screens!
  8. Teach them about deep breathing when they are upset and angry to show them the different ways to handle stress.

These are just a few of the ways to establish healthy self care at home! If you're looking for products to help with your kiddos healthy routines, we've pulled a few of our favorite below!