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Back to School... or Not? How to Navigate the Upcoming School Year


"Back to school" used to be a celebrated phrase for parents and children alike. An exciting time with new beginnings.

Nowadays the term "back to school" inflicts stress, anxiety, and uncertainty. Are they really going back? What do they mean "back to school"? What is going to happen with my child's education, my job? How can they expect me to balance being a parent, spouse, employee, teacher, AND an actual human with feelings and needs?

We at Joyspring Vitamins are parents too. We get it. The uncertainty of the upcoming school year and the anxiety it brings not knowing how many different hats we, as parents, will have to wear. With all-natural, safe and effective children's vitamins to get you and your mini-me through the school year, we've got you covered.

Here are some tips and products to help you and your little Einstein get through the school year... wherever it may be:

1. Whether you're homeschooling, going back to school, or doing a little bit of both, it's more important now than ever to take care of our immune systems. 

  • Vital Vits is your daily herbal multivitamin to power up your immune defense system and keep those insides strong and healthy.
  • Immune Boost is an all natural, herbal formula with Echinacea made to power up your immune system and keep icky germs, infections, and harmful bacteria at bay.
  • Zincberry is the powerful immune protector packed with Zinc, Vitamin C and Elderberry to keep your immune defenses strong.

2. Set an after-school and nighttime routine and stick to it. It can be hard to differentiate between work and play time if your always at home. Having a set nighttime routine will help everyone involved know when it's time to wind down.

  • Sleepberry is a melatonin sleep aid to help the whole family catch those extra zzz's, while making bedtimes easier.

3. Trouble focusing? Of course. It's hard keeping track and staying focused when our environment is constantly changing. Consider adding a daily focus supplement to boost concentration and productivity.

  • Genius Drops is a safe, proven, all-natural remedy to improve focus and attention. Banish brain fog and increase their concentration with just a few drops a day.

We're here to help your child reach their full potential whether they're studying at home or at school. So whatever your "back-to-school" looks like, Joyspring Vitamins has got your family covered.


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