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Bee Propolis: Nature's Ultimate Protector

Finally. The powerful, natural immune support you've been looking for... bee propolis! 

What is propolis and where does it come from?

Propolis is a substance primarily composed of beeswax that bees produce to protect themselves, their baby bees, and their hive. It serves as the hive's immune system by warding off potential threats and invaders. 

Propolis is also commonly known as "bee glue" because of it's resin-like texture that bees use to seal open spaces in their hive.

Propolis' healing powers help fight off sore throats and protects against allergies.

That being said, not all propolis throat sprays are the same. Honey Help is a propolis throat spray for children used to treat allergy and cold symptoms while ALSO boosting their immune system. Honey Help is a step up from other propolis throat sprays because it's new and improved formula includes Vitamin C and Zinc, which are both essential vitamins to protect and strengthen the immune system and encourage healthy growth and development.

You can use Honey Help to prevent and heal:

  • allergies
  • sore throats
  • cough
  • congestion
  • runny nose
  • sinus problems
  • chronic colds
  • inflammation

...all while providing powerful immune support!

Between allergy season and cold season, bee propolis is useful year round to help soothe scratchy throats and fight off ailments. Learn more here about the power of bee propolis and how Honey Help can save you a ton on tissues!