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Helpful Tips for Potty Training and Potty Issues during the Holidays

Potty training during the holiday break? Or just worried about a newly potty trained child during the holidays? We're here to help!

Holiday traditions are made with hot chocolate, christmas cookies, car rides to grandmas, and more, and they should be enjoyed with no stress! But as parents, it's hard to not stress knowing they also can lead to tummy issues and potty problems. Here's a few products and tips to help:


Stimulant-free & made using only natural herbs, our liquid laxative for toddlers and young children gently & quickly loosens & relaxes the bowels to relieve tummy cramping, painful discomfort & constipation. While most OTC laxatives contain ingredients that can be harmful when ingested by young children & infants, this herbal liquid laxative is safe enough for babies, toddlers & growing kids


Vital Vits Daily Green liquid vitamins for kids will effectively supplement your child’s diet to provide them with the nutrients necessary for overall-health. What makes it great is that the liquid form allows you to put it in your kid's favorite drink, oatmeal, cereal or whatever it may be so there's not longer a battle of taking meds!

When the holidays arrive with more travel and added events and parties, your schedule is challenging to follow. We get it. It may be impossible to follow your child’s typical schedule but realizing your child schedule is a little of whack, try and include extra chances to rest and go to the bathroom, and stock up on the vitamins. Your regular schedule will return and your child will get back on track with potty training too.