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How to Get Your Kids to Fall Asleep (and Stay Asleep)


Getting enough sleep is crucial for your child’s health and development. And not to mention, your kids going to bed on time is  important for you to get some rest and adult time as well.

But when they put up a fight at bedtime, the battle can leave you both feeling more worn out. So give these tips for getting your kids to sleep a try.


Establish a Routine

A consistent routine is key, particularly for younger children. Once a bedtime routine is instituted and followed, eventually your kid’s body is likely to recognize the pattern and naturally become sleepy closer to the start of the routine.

Try establishing a set order of dinner, gentle playtime, bath, teeth, storytime and finally, sleep.

Set a Schedule

An important part of establishing a bedtime routine is setting a schedule. Your kids should have a set bedtime, as well as a specific wake-up time, even on the weekends.

When setting the schedule, be sure you are allowing for the 9 to 11 hours of sleep that school-age children need.

Depending on your little ones and their natural sleep patterns, you may have different sleep schedules for different kids. Our bodies dictate if we are early birds or night owls, and those patterns can be difficult to change in children.

End Screen Time Early

This rule goes for you too, moms and dads. The blue light from TV and phone screens keeps the brain awake, and can delay falling asleep by an extra 30 to 60 minutes.

 Make it a rule to keep all screens out of your child’s bedroom, and make sure they are off at least two hours before bedtime.

Create Calm

We know, sometimes wrestling your kid into bed is anything but calm. However, if you can work some stress-reducing activities into the pre-bedtime routine, it will help you kids get to sleep faster.

Try out some deep breathing techniques to help them relax and calm the body. If you need a little extra help calming them down, try our Calmify Anxiety Relief drops.

Have the Right Environment

Take stock of your child’s room. Do they have cozy sheets and darkening window coverings? What about temperature? Their bedroom should be cool and comfortable, and their sleepwear light and breathable.

Make sure it is quiet as well. If the house is still awake and noisy after bedtime, consider getting a white noise machine or playing gentle music.

Keep the Monsters at Bay

Dealing with nightmares and other scaries? It’s better to acknowledge their fears than to dismiss them. Spray the room with “monster repellent”, or give them a special brave or superhero toy to protect them at night.


If you give all of these tips a try and bedtime still does not come easy, it may be time to consult your pediatrician. Or, browse our other all natural, non-toxic sleep aids. Otherwise, happy sleeping!