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ICYMI: Weekly Wellness Wrap Up

Don't have time to sit and read what's happening in the world of wellness this week? We've grabbed a few articles for you to peruse through!

Blog: Prepare your Kids for Moving House

Moving can be stressful and anxiety inducing, for parents and children alike. These 5 tips will help your kids understand moving and ease the transition.

Blog: How to Help your Child Navigate Negative Friendships

Does your child have a friend you consider a bad influence? No fear, this mom’s blog provides tips on how to help deal with negative relationships, divided into two action plans for elementary or teenage kids.

Blog: 13 Virtual Field Trips for your Kids

Cabin fever is affecting everyone with the ongoing pandemic. Luckily there are some virtual field trips your kids can check out at home, from art and culture to museums of science to zoos and national parks—begin the tour today!

Blog: Negative Language Impacts Children

Find out how negative language affects children and positive phrases to replace the negative ones. Backed by neurobiological research, you’ll find this momma’s advice pretty valuable…

Recipe: Frozen Yogurt Bites

Engage your children in the kitchen! With only two ingredients, these frozen yogurt bites are a great way to get protein and fruit into your kids…