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Liquid Vitamins vs Pills: Which is the Best Choice?

Liquid Vitamins vs Pills: Which is the Best Choice?

What are the benefits of liquid vitamins vs pills? From being easier to swallow and having faster absorption rates, the liquids have plenty to offer.


All parents want their children to be healthy, but getting them healthy is easier said than done.

Who hasn't had the experience of trying, almost despairingly, to get their child to eat at least two or three of their green beans or broccoli pieces?

While several vitamins and nutrients exist in healthy foods, sometimes kids can't stomach the food.

Fortunately, there's an alternative; instead of forcing your child to choke down that food, you can take vitamin supplements. However, then you have to decide between liquid vitamins vs. pills.

We know that the world of vitamins can be extremely confusing. So, we've prepared this guide to answer your questions about liquid vitamins and pills. While pills may be more traditional, liquid extracts offer a wide variety of benefits!

Liquid Vitamins vs. Pills: What to Choose?

A vast number of people who take vitamins do so through vitamin tablets. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, it can be a disadvantage. For example, there are pills on the market that do not break apart when consumed.

If the pill doesn't break, then the vitamins it contains won't be digested into your system. Instead, the entire pill will pass through your body unused.

For that matter, let's talk about digesting pills. When you take a tablet, its effects don't kick in right away. Instead, several hours pass before your body will absorb the benefits of the pill.

Not only do pills take several hours before their benefits reach the body, but some of their nutrients are lost during the digestion process.

Additionally, there is another purely practical issue with vitamin tablets. For children and the elderly alike, it is often difficult to swallow a pill.

For children, in particular, some pills may start dissolving and releasing an unpleasant taste that makes them want to spit it out.

Benefits of Liquid Vitamins

Since we've covered a few of the drawbacks of vitamin tablets, let's move on to the benefits of liquid vitamins. There are several benefits, but we'll focus on a few of the essentials.

Kids Can Swallow These More Easily

First and foremost, liquid extracts are much easier for children to swallow. They can drink it straight, or they can mix it with their favorite juice.

Many parents think that chewable vitamins resolve the swallowing difficulty. But, children's chewable vitamins add preservatives, sweeteners, and artificial flavoring. These additions obscure the vitamin's healthier benefits.

Liquid extracts avoid this problem. They go directly into the child's body without any unhealthy additions creeping in.

Nutrient Absorption is Much Faster

Vitamin tablets must break apart and go through digestion before their nutrients can benefit your body.

The average pill takes anywhere from 20-30 minutes to break apart. That's nearly half an hour before the tablet can even start to help you.

Moreover, demonstrations show that only about 10-20% of nutrients in pills even get absorbed into your body.

Now, let's compare this to liquid vitamins. Studies show that 85-90% of liquid vitamins get absorbed into the body within 30 seconds.

So much more of the extract's nutrients get absorbed into the body because of digestion. Your body doesn't have to extract medicinal values from the liquid extract.

These liquid extracts already extracted their medicinal benefits. Therefore, they save your body work by bypassing the need for digestion. As such, your body assimilates these nutrients into itself at much greater speeds.

In most cases, this means your body assimilates the nutrients within 1-4 minutes. That's less time than it takes for the average pill to break down.

This means that liquid extracts are a beneficial way to get healthy vitamins and minerals to your child. Children and toddlers have weaker digestion systems than most adults.

As a result, they may have a hard time digesting multivitamin pills. Even if they don't, their body will assimilate a much smaller percentage of its nutrients.

Liquid extracts, however, should pass into your child's system with no problems at all for their digestion.

Vitamins for Kids

Now that you've seen the benefits of liquid vitamins let's talk about some specific liquid vitamins for kids. These vitamins are of great advantage to your adult body and your child's developing body.

Vitamin B12 

Vitamin B12 isn't one you hear about as much as Vitamin C or D, but is every bit as necessary. Vitamin B12 helps the body keep red blood cells healthy and to regulate the nervous system.

Not only does it assist with these, but Vitamin B12 also contributes to DNA production. It's imperative your child absorb the healthy amount of this vitamin to ensure the best possible health and growth. 

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin for growing children; it assists their teeth development and helps their bodies absorb calcium. This absorption contributes to strong, healthy bones.

Vitamin D also has links to mental health. Deficiencies in the vitamin have linked to disorders like anxiety and clinical depression. With so many young people struggling with these issues, a daily dose of Vitamin D may help ward that off in the future.

Vitamin C

This is almost universally known as a vitamin to take when sick. Vitamin C is an excellent supplement for boosting immune health and healing systems. Additionally, it's renowned for strengthening tissue, muscles, and skin.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is well-known for promoting skin health. However, it also boosts immune functionality, eye health and reduces the risk of cancer.

Top-Quality Vitamin Supplier

If you were wondering about the benefits of liquid vitamins vs. pills, we hope this guide helped! If you think liquid vitamins are the supplement for your child, then check out our supply today! 

We have several bundles geared towards different aspects of your child's health, from sleep to immunity. If you want to improve your child's health, these bundles are a great place to start.