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What is Zinc - and Do My Kids Really Need It?

What is Zinc? Do My Kids Really Need It?

First things first: The short answer is YES. Zinc is a naturally occurring element found in most foods, and plays a critical role in our bodies including cell growth, metabolism and immune system health.

ZincBerry is an all-natural supplement for kids. But better. It not only contains Zinc, but it is a powerful herbal blend made with the essential nutrients your child needs to grow and stay healthy, including Vitamin C and Elderberry.

What is Vitamin C and How Does It Help My Child?

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin children need in order to grow. Vitamin C forms and strengthens collagen in bones, cartilage, muscles and blood vessels. It also helps with healing wounds and helps your child's teeth and gums stay healthy.

What is Elderberry and What Does it Do?

Elderberry is a powerful antioxidant and is famous for aiding and strengthening the immune system, lowering blood sugar, and promoting bone strength and development. It also helps aid and prevent cold and flu symptoms.

That being said, not all Zinc supplements are the same. Zincberry is a liquid formula, which absorbs 300% faster and is more effective than gummies or pills. Just one serving contains 78% Daily Value of Vitamin C and 36% Daily Value of Zinc both blended with Elderberry extract.

Bottom Line: That means your child gets their daily dose of body growing, immune empowering, bacteria fighting vitamins in a single dropper of Zincberry.

For more children's nutritional supplements, check out Joyspring's product page for all-natural, kid-friendly vitamins and nutrients the whole family can enjoy.