July 5th, 2021

10 Sneaky Ways to Hide Kids' Vitamins

Do you have a stubborn child who refuses to take their daily vitamins? You can ensure they take their kids' vitamins by hiding them using these 10 methods!

"Don't forget to take your vitamins!"

For many parents, that statement turns into a fight. Getting children to remember to take their vitamins can be impossible. No matter how often a parent begs, many children refuse. 

Do you have one of those picky kids who won't seem to listen? Do you repeat yourself with reminders that the vitamins are for their health? 

It might be time to find a way to make those kids' vitamins fun. After all, there are many ways to sneak those vitamins into your kids.

Liquid children's vitamins could be your missing key. Not only do they absorb into the bloodstream immediately, but they can also be hidden in food.

Here are ten ways to get your kids to take their vitamins without them knowing. 

1. Scream for Ice Cream

It's no secret that one of the easiest things to get children to eat is ice cream. Sneaking those vitamins in could be as simple as mixing them into ice cream.

Try selecting an ice cream flavor that complements the vitamins. Picking a peppermint ice cream to go with that vitamin D will mask the flavor. Your children will never know the difference. 

Vitamin D for kids is a great aid in calcium building. Ice cream is as well. Those tiny bones will benefit from the extra boost. And the vitamins will be as beneficial as the cherry that makes your child smile. 

2. A Smoothie of a Treat 

Another great way to incorporate those vitamins into your child's diet? Why not sneak them into a smoothie?

It's a great source of fruits and veggie as well. Kids love sweets. The best way to get them to drink the things that are good for them is to turn them into a tasty treat. 

Your little ones won't even know that what they're drinking is healthy for them. This method has been used for years. Making kids happy and parents relieved has never been so easy. 

3. Little Bit of Sugar 

They do say that a little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down. If your child has a favorite sugary snack then why not replicate it with them?

You can make sweet treats such as fruit leather and popsicles at home. This way, you can sneak those kids' vitamins right into their recipe. 

Let your little ones participate in the fun. These fun foods can be made with their help. Let them add the drops of vitamins in themselves! 

4. No-Nonsense Kid 

Do you have a child that doesn't quite fall for their additions to meals? Then talking it out with your little one could do the trick. 

Explain to your child the importance of taking their vitamins. Tell them that the vitamins will help them to grow up big and strong. Go over what each vitamin does for their body. 

Kids are like sponges. What you share with them are things that they'll retain. 

5. Take It Slow

Instead of automatically demanding that your child take their vitamins, introduce them. The best vitamins for kids are the ones that they enjoy taking. 

By going slow and letting your children make up their own minds, you give them the chance to think for themselves. Children are more likely to like something if it is on their terms. 

Let your child slowly introduce vitamins into their diet. Give them half in the beginning. Allowing them to adjust will help them decide they like vitamins. 

6. Begin at an Early Age

Another option that has proved to work well for parents is to start early. Introduce these vitamins for kids as soon as possible. 

Educating your child from the start will help them to understand the importance of vitamins. They will know that vitamins are simply part of their diets. They won't need the adjustment period. 

7. A Gold Sticker 

Although the years change, one thing that doesn't is stickers. Children of all ages love to receive stickers. 

Create a chart that your child can display stickers on. Every time they take their vitamins without complaint add a sticker. This will give your little one something to look forward to. 

Stickers are a cheap reward that will keep your child entertained. 

8. Make It an Adventure 

What is better than spending time with your child? Why not change vitamin time into a story and adventure. 

If you have a little one who loves to listen to you talk, this could be the way for you. Tell them why things such as vitamin C for kids is so important. Devise a story about faraway places. 

By thinking up a grand adventure, you spend more time with your child. You also give them a reason to want to take their vitamins. 

9. When All Else Fails 

When nothing else will work with your child, you still have an option. Kids like rewards. By offering your child a reward for taking their vitamins, you give them something to look forward to. 

For many parents, this is one of the best ways to get them to listen. Offer your children small rewards for listening. Give them a snack afterward or a small toy. 

This incentive will make them want to behave. 

10. Share a Routine 

Show your child you take vitamins too! Set aside a time for you both to take your vitamins at the same time. 

This will make your child feel like a big kid. Children often love to mimic the actions of their parents. Taking your vitamins can be a bonding experience for you both. 

It will also help you to remember to take those important vitamins too. Children learn by example. What they see their parents and caregivers doing is something they'll want to do too. 

Kids' Vitamins Are Important 

Convincing your child to take their vitamins can be a difficult task. Children are particular and can often be stubborn.

When it comes to kids' vitamins, creating an adventure out of them will work. Make your child want to take their vitamins. This will avoid their hesitation. 

The best vitamins for kids are the ones they willingly take. Our products will help you make vitamin time a fun experience. Click here to view our full selection of kids' vitamins!