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The 4 Core Elements to Have the Best School Year Ever

Children spend more awake hours at school than they do at home.

It's a fact. Between classes, sports, homework, and after school activities, most of a child's adolescent life is centered around their school lives, and what they learn and do there.

Without being a helicopter parent, we want to *nudge* our children in the right direction. Continue reading to find out how to have the best year ever, and what YOU can do to help make it happen.

1. Get good grades - This is a given. But how can you help? Sometimes kids lack of motivation or have a hard time focusing and sitting still. In addition to setting up a focus-friendly environment, give them Genius Drops: an all-natural and effective focus supplement for kids.

2. Get involved - Nothing will boost their confidence or social skills like joining a club or team. Trying different things at a young age will help them find their interests and start them on the right path towards their future.

3. Make friends - This ties in with getting involved. Everyone needs their people to make memories and share experiences with. Having friends with common interests (clubs or sports) is a good place to start.

4. Stay Healthy - There are no room for sick days in your best school year ever. Keep your kid's immune systems strong and on the defense with Immune Boost: a powerful and protective herb-based supplement to level up the immune system to keep them healthy all year long.

As parents, we value our children's success and know it begins at a young age! We understand you want your kid to have a safe, fun, and successful school year filled with new possibilities.

JoySpring's Back to School Bundle has everything you need to make sure your kid has the

best. school year. EVER.