Back to School Bundle

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The bundle that's almost too cool for school.


Back-to-school essentials to reach your full potential. Genius Drops help you become top of your class. It isn't hocus pocus, just non-stimulating focus! Boosted Immunity is also included in this kit. Hold on for a bit and let these ideas sit! When it is time to unwind, Calmify in for the win! Put your anxious thoughts in the recycle-bin. When relaxation kicks-in, run to your bed and get tucked in. No more mumble and grumble, just get this Back to School bundle!

Shake well and add a couple drops into your preferred food or drink.
They work well on their own but even better as a team. Helping your child focus, play and dream.
Don’t walk, run! Your kid won't have to take another day off from having fun ✨
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