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KidBiotic Probiotic Gummies

  • SOLVE STOMACH ISSUES FAST - Contains DE111 a natural and healthy strain of the probiotic spore that is clinically proven to help control the microbial populations in your gut boosting digestion and immune health.
  • ON THE RIGHT DIGESTIVE TRACT - Probiotics support gut and digestive health by maintaining your bodies "good" and "bad" levels. These chewable probiotics are great for kids who need a little help in their digestive systems. Probiotics have been shown to decrease abdominal discomfort, lessen diarrhea, and alleviate bloating. 
  • STRAWBERRY IMMUNE SUPPORT - What good are the health benefits if no child wants to eat healthy veggies or vitamins let alone gummies that don't taste good? That's why our gummies are designed to taste like real strawberries! 
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Our chewable probiotics are craved by kids and adored by parents! With a delicious strawberry flavor and real health benefits you and your children will be satisfied. 
  • PURE PARENT PROMISE - Our childrens probiotics are designed by parents! That's how we know what kids like and what comforts you.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews

Can adults use this too have constipation uses

Good taste

Great product, good taste

Nice strawberry flavor.

Nice strawberry flavor. Not sticky.

Awesome, Real Fruit Taste!

These gummies are the best I've tried. Easy to chew, and swallow. The only problem is, my 4 year old grand-daughter, who hates to take medicine, loves these so much that she asks for more every single time! I'm really glad it has a locking child proof top, and a see through bottle so I can easily see when I need to re-order. I highly recommend this flavor, tastes like fresh strawberries, and does the job its suppose too.

Tastes like delicious gummy candy

Over the past few years, there has been an immense proliferation in the marketplace of gummies for supplements of all kind, and these gummy supplements are not just for kids. Adults who find it hard to swallow pills like them a lot as well.While supplements in the form of gummies is not a particular issue for taking vitamins and minerals, there is no scientific proof that any of the probiotics contained within this, or any other probiotic gummy, remain viable after being exposed to stomach acid. Unfortunately, this probiotics' gummy coating offers no protection against stomach acid, which can destroy probiotic microorganisms before they can get to the bowels, which is where they need to go.The other downside to offering delicious candy supplements to children is that parents will need to find a way to securely hide these gummies between doses.I admit that when my own children were small, it was impossible to get them to take supplements because the chalky ones available years ago were not remotely as delicious as today's gummy-candy supplements, and they would spit them out. So if it's a choice between no supplements or gummy supplements, I can see why parents would choose gummies like these. It's simply important to be aware that with a probiotic gummy like this, you may merely be providing your child with an extremely expensive piece of candy.